Parish of the Divine Infant of Prague

A Short History of the Parish of the Divine Infant of Prague

by Neil Horsley

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Infant of Prague Audit 2011

Parishioners were asked to complete a short questionnaire and make suggestions on how we can strengthen the community and prayer life of our parish.

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75 people attended Mass and 54 Questionnaires were returned (72% response rate)
Q1.    Do you normally attend Mass at the Infant of Prague?
49 out of 54 people said they normally attend Infant of Prague.

Q2.    Do you attend Mass with other family members?
43 out of 54 (80%) of people attend Mass as part of a family group.

Q3.    What do you like/dislike about attending Mass at the Infant of Prague?
Generally this question had very positive responses: what people most liked was the warm welcoming atmosphere and the friendly people.
There were a few things that people disliked, a number of people felt Mass was too long, and also comment was made about people talking too loudly before and during Mass.

Q4.    People were asked to indicate which ministries they would be interested in undertaking.
The table shows the number of new volunteers. 

Welcoming 10
Offertory Collection
Reading 13 Offertory Procession 5
Eucharistic Ministers 5
Flower arranging

Gardening 3
Offer lifts to other parishioners

Cleaning 3
Prepare the Mass liturgy 3
Refreshments after Mass 5
Organising social events 4

Setting up church before Mass 4
Altar Serving

Strengthening links with schools 6
Supporting the Altar servers 2
Praying for 1st communion children 6
Laundering altar linen
Linking with local churches
Maintaining the church building 3

Q5a.    Suggestions to improve community life of the parish.
More social events � Quiz nights, bingo, music, bus trips, afternoon club for older/retired members of the community.
Mother and toddler group, youth group, children�s groups e.g. cubs and brownies.
Have fund raising events held in the church e.g. summer/Christmas fairs etc.

Q5b.    Suggestions to improve prayer life of the Parish.
Prayer groups, school led liturgies, prayer buddy schemes, liturgy group, Sunday school, children�s liturgy once a quarter, books for small children, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Novenas, special prayers for parishioners who are ill, prayer box where people can put in prayers (could be read out in Mass), choir, Sunday morning Mass.

Q6.     Use of Church Hall.
Nobody knew of groups who would want to use the hall immediately but there were several suggestions such as children�s parties, community groups such as mother and toddler groups, older peoples groups etc.

Q7.    Do you have any other ideas or suggestions?
The kitchen needs to be refurbished.
We should reach out into the local community by making people aware the church is here and inviting local people into the church.

Q8.    Do you know of anyone who would like a visit from the parish?
There were no responses to this question.